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The Story of Backroads Overland Co.

Your One Stop Shop For Everything Outdoors

Here at Backroads Overland Co. we specialize in providing overland camping trailers that are build in the heart of the Midwest from the ground up. We take great pride in the products we send out as it has already made a name for itself in the off-road community. Backroads Overland Co. was started in late 2020 and has grown to offer various products geared toward the outdoors. We want to support any and every customer looking to get out on the trails, go on an awesome adventure, and make those life long memories.

Backroads Overland Co. was started with the intent to better balance the value for customers looking to get out doors with the help of an overland camping trailer.  We were driven to turn out a top quality product for a much greater value. We are so passionate about the outdoors and all it has in store. That is why it is our goal and Backroads to provide the best value for our customers by offering low prices, exceptional quality products, and great customer service. 

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